How to Qualify for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program


Small Business Qualifying for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program “PPP” is easier when you’re prepared. Knowing whether you meet its criteria before you apply will save you time and frustration. PPP–Fact-Sheet Your personal credit score ranges from 300 to 850 (the higher, the better), and evaluates your ability to repay your personal debts, such as credit cards, car loans and a mortgage. You can get a free credit score on NAV  

Build your business credit and solve credit problems

  The FICO score, commonly used in lending decisions, is based on five factors: your payment history (35% of your score), the amounts owed on credit cards and other debt (30%), how long you’ve had credit (15%), types of credit in use (10%) and recent credit inquiries (10%). Small-business lenders require a personal credit score for loan applications because they want to see how you manage debt.

Paying your bills on time is crucial to building your score. But even if you pay your bills like clockwork, credit report errors could be damaging your score. One in 4 consumers identified damaging credit report errors, according to a 2012 study by the Federal Trade Commission. However, 4 out of 5 consumers who filed a dispute got their credit report modified, the study found. A follow-up study by the FTC found that 20% of those consumers saw a jump in their credit score after resolving errors.

You can get a copy of your credit reports for free once a year at and dispute any inaccuracies you find through each of the credit bureaus’ websites (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion). Businesses that are more established and want to apply for bank loans can check out their business credit scores (which generally range from 0 to 100) at three business credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and Dun & Bradstreet. Check out these five steps to building business credit, and if you see any mistakes on your reports, contact the bureaus.

More than likely, you’ll need an excellent business credit score as well as good personal credit to qualify for an SBA loan or traditional loan from a bank; this will depend on the individual lender and business factors such as your revenue, cash flow and time in business.

In general, online lenders look at personal credit scores but can be a bit more lenient when it comes to credit score requirements, as they place more emphasis on your business’s cash flow and track record.

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