California Middle-Class Tax Refunds More Then $600 Considered Taxable Federal Income

The MCTR payments may be considered federal income. As such, 1099-MISC for MCTR payments of $600 or more will be issued. You should consult the IRS or a tax professional regarding the federal tax treatment of these payments.

The Middle Class Tax Refund payment is not taxable for California state income tax purposes.

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Accounting as a service & Banking as a Service


MKG Tax Consultants Accounting-as-aService “AaaS” business technology + Bank-as-a-Service “BaaS” will enable startup businesses to manage their cash flow with online accounting software and open bank accounts conveniently from their mobile phone, send/ receive ACH deposits, instantly issue virtual and plastic debits cards, pay bills, manage cash flow securely online with an FDIC Insured business bank account.

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Digital Assets Crypto Fund

Digital Assets Real Estate Crypto-Fund


Powered by: sophisticated governance, insurance, and auditing tools

MKG Enterprises Corp NLMS 1370394 crypto-fund combines the cryptographic security of multi-party computation (MPC) with a Layer 2 blockchain network. The result is something we call decentralized MPC (dMPC).

This unique approach unleashes the full potential of digital assets — with none of the risks or limitations of traditional crypto custody solutions.

Safe, seamless transaction signing

MKG Enterprises Corp real estate crypto fund asset managers and Professional Investors to Securely initiate or approve transactions with the tap of a finger.

Gone is the operational risk of private keys, missing key shards, and employees jugging cold storage devices.

Comprehensive monitoring & reporting 

All transaction activity is recorded on-chain in immutable audit trails for easy reporting and compliance with the Travel Rule.

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