$50 CASHBACK REWARDS for downloading our Banking-As-A-Service Tax-Filing App

$50 CASHBACK REWARD for downloading our Banking-As-A-Service Tax-Filing App.


OFFER IS VALID ONE PER CUSTOMER, tax returns must be electronically filed with MKG Tax Consultants and be eligible for an ERD electronic refund deposit.

SECURD Advance loans are available in 15 States APR depends on your resident state.

1. California 35.99% APR 2. Arkansas 3. Colorado 12% APR

4. Connecticut 12% APR 5. District of Columbia 6% APR 6. Florida 18% APR

7. Massachusetts 12% APR 8. New Jersey 16% APR 9. Oklahoma 10% APR

10. Oregon 12% APR 11. South Carolina 12% APR 12. Texas 10% APR

13. Virginia 12% APR 14. Wisconsin 18% APR 15. Wyoming 10% APR

SECURD Advance loans is an optional fixed-term loan offered by Cash Advance Short Term Repayment Option Lender. The SECURD Advance loans principal loan amount, applicable interest, and any fees will be deducted from federal and state tax refund proceeds. SECURD Advance is not an actual federal or state tax refund. Applying for a SECURD Advance does not guarantee approval. Qualifications and restrictions apply and all applicants may not be eligible for SECURD Advance.

SECURD Advance loans principal amounts offered are $500, 25%, 50%, or 75% of the expected net tax refund amount, up to $10,000 SECURD Advance loans have an APR of 35.99% based on a 30-day term. All SECURD Advance loans have an origination fee. Refund Transfer fees may also apply.

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