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Prepare and file 1120-S Corporation US Tax Return

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Before placing an order please contact us to ensure you have all the required documents to prepare and file your corporate taxes. We do basic accounting to prepare your return, however, the service does not include bookkeeping and audits, or financial compilation this is an additional fee and scope of work.

March 15, 2022:

  • Deadline to file business tax returns for partnerships, S corporations, or LLCs that are taxed as partnerships (Note that this is the deadline for calendar year filers. While most taxpayers fall under this category, there are special exceptions for fiscal-year taxpayers. If your tax year doesn’t start on Jan. 1, you will instead follow the IRS fiscal year due date
  • Deadline to file Form 2553 to switch your business election to an S corporation (S corp) for tax year 2022. If you miss this deadline, your business will not be treated as an S corp until calendar year 2023.
Partnerships, S corps, and C corps can request an extension using IRS Form 7004
Just remember, a tax extension only extends your filing deadline, meaning you still need to pay any estimated tax payments on your business’s tax deadline. Make sure to pay your estimated taxes on time to avoid any late fees!
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